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Jura J9 Superauto Espresso Machine ReviewJura J9 Superauto Espresso Machine Review

Espresso Machine

For coffee enthusiasts, the choice of a coffee making machine or espresso machine is considered as crucial. The choice of an espresso machine not only dictates the relative ease through which an individual can make coffee, but will also reflect on the quality of coffee made. Most coffee lovers are inclined to buying a commercial espresso machine.

There are hundreds of espresso and coffee making machines in the current amongst which there is one that quite stands out; the Jura j9 super auto machine. For coffee enthusiasts, the following overview on the Jura j9 super auto machine reviewed and compared to others will help shed more light on some of the remarkable features available on this espresso machine and what makes it stand out from other espresso machines



Created by Jura, the Jura J9 espresso machine has taken the coffee making the world Espresso Machinea notch higher by incorporating the latest technology in the modern world: a one-touch TFT screen. At the turn of a rotary button, the Jura J9 menu pop-ups, complete with images and text.

The Jura J9 has the list of specialty drinks from which an individual can choose from as well as a user guide on how to customize your drinks, maintain the espresso machine and even refill the water reservoir for the espresso machine.

Critical features

Apart from the technological innovation incorporated in this espresso machine, the Jura J9 also has the following features

  • An insulated stainless steel milk container that can hold 20.3 ounces of milk
  • A patented FrothXpress plus system which is an automated milk frothing system
  • An mechanical energy saving mode that automatically minimizes energy consumption based on rate of use
  • Commercial solid steel conical burr grinder which is sound insulated and has six fineness settings
  • Adjustable cup height
  • Rotary dial for faster browsing of the menu components on the TFT

A diverse setting option which gives users the capability to set the espresso machine to 7 different languages and also display cup size according to American or European formats


Espresso Machine 2Some of the notable benefits associated with the use of this machine include

The Jura J9 is remarkably quite easy to use and has an expansive instruction set as well as a DVD tutorial disc. The espresso menu also has some tutorials and how-to guides


The Jura J9 is versatile has plenty of programming options for categories such as espresso, cappuccino, milk, hot water, and even latte

Ease of use

Unlike many espresso machines in the market, the Jura J9 is remarkably easy to use

The Jura J9 Super auto machine comes highly recommended for all coffee enthusiasts…