Day: April 13, 2017

Five types of clogs that warrant the services of a plumber in LouisvilleFive types of clogs that warrant the services of a plumber in Louisville

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Pipes and drains are some of those parts of a plumbing system that are susceptible to periodic clogging. Some of the causes can be prevented whereas some are unavoidable. However, this should not be a major point of concern considering that louisville plumbing repair experts can solve most clogging issues. Here are some common causes of clogs in home drainage systems.

Common causes of clogs in drain pipes


Food remains are a leading cause of pipeskitchen clogs. As such, with continuous drainage of food debris via the pipe you may need to unclog your drainage system more often. Accumulation of small amounts of debris is what makes the drain pipe to clog. The food debris causes the pipe to narrow and in the extreme cases the pipe block. Ultimately, the sink is unable to drain water as required.


Usually, you will find roots or small plants growing in the drainage system. This is because they get nutrients required for is hard to control the growth of roots in the drainage system. With massive growth in the drainage system, you will have the system blocked. As such, you have to seek the services of a specialist to do the clean-up.


Ideally, the chances of having mineral build up in metallic or copper pipes are very slim. As such, build of minerals is not one of the leading causes of blockages in the drainage system. Nevertheless, if you have galvanized iron pipes, you may have a blocked drainage system more often that someone with plastic pipes. This is because these pipes have a rough texture where these minerals attach themselves. Consequently, the build-up of these minerals you have a compromised drainage system.


drain pipe Ideally, hair does not decay. This implies that once you have hair in your drainage system, it will stay there long enough unless it is manually removed. You might still have your water drain, but at a very slowly. Hair webs are also responsible for trapping food items that cause block the drainage system. As such, it is nice to have your pipe cleaned by a plumber.

Plumbing related problems

Certainly, if you have poorly installed drainage pipes or old pipes, you will have drainage issues. As such, it is necessary to seek the services of a plumbing and drainage experts to help fix old or poorly installed pipes before they become a nuisance.…